"No Accident" Blessings in the Lessons will be released for sale on the internet via this site and amazon.com by June 8, 2011.  I will be available for event bookings after that date.  This is a very exciting time and I hope everyone enjoys the book.  I am certainly looking forward to the next one.  But, I thank God for His guidance and inspiration for this first one.  God bless all of you and enjoy the path to discovering your blessings in your lessons.  Please feel free to leave any comments you may have concerning this book.  I would appreciate that very much.  Thank you.



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    I am Marnii Jones Peel, an author and a speaker.  I make presentations, and motivational/evangelical speeches or talks.  I do book signings, and wrote "No Accident"  Blessings in the Lessons. I pray that I can reach out and help others in all that I write and do.  I am looking forward to writing more.


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