Good news!!!  "No Accidents" Blessings in the Lessons can be purchased earlier at the book signing scheduled for June 4, 2011 at "The Rock International Ministries" from 9AM to 3PM and may last longer than that.  The address is located on the events page of this site.  It is in Jackson, Missouri.  I am excited that anyone that is in Jackson or the surrounding areas that will be attending the spiritually exciting workshops will have access to buying this wonderful addition to their Christian Library before the actual release date.  The release date is for those that will be purchasing via the internet, on this site,, or Froogle.  Please note that my book will also be added to Author's Den, where it can be purchased there with lots more information and along with other exciting authors to view.  I hope you are blessed throughout your reading of this book and it really helps you as it helped me when I wrote it.  It will truly inspire, develop your thinking, and open you up for real life revelations.  Stay tuned for the news release, more articles, and an inspirational good time.

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