Marnii Peel is an author and speaker.  She wrote,  "No Accident"  Blessings in the Lessons, to encourage, help develop awareness of God's presence, call, and the power of forgiveness.  It was also written with the hope that after reading it, many would realize that we all make mistakes in life, but we can learn from them.  Our mistakes, and other's mistakes can be a lesson and a blessing.  Situations happen to us all and may sway us in the wrong direction, but there is a way back.  If you read her book from cover to cover, you will discover some secrets that will change the way you think about your whole life and spirituality.  

Marnii was born in New Jersey and grew up in Opelika, Alabama.  She has 4 children, Clariecia, Nicole, Jerry, and Malcolm.  She has a Master's Degree in Education and has taught for over 15 years.  She yearned to be a writer most of her life until she finally realized her dream.  This is her contribution to the world.  She is working on her next book and will need the help of a wide group and audience.  Part 2 of the Blessings in the Lessons will consist of some biblical life stories and the lives of many Americans all over the world expressing their blessings in their lessons.  She cannot help but reach out to everyone around her because she knows that everybody has a story.  You will be able to submit your story, in short form, to her through our contact page.  But, don't forget to purchase the book, "No Accident", Blessings in the Lessons, so that you can get an idea of what she is looking for in your submission.  Your page will consist of a segment of your life, one moment in time that was significant to you so that she will be able to use as many submissions as possible.  If there are too many submissions, you will have to wait on the next edition.  She will read all submissions and choose from among them and categorize them. Just because a particular story was submitted, does not guarantee that it will be published in her book.  She will evaluate each submission for relevance and content.  It should be in the spiritual realm.  It may have been the event in your life that led you to God.  It not only led you to God, but taught you something that you will never forget.  This is the kind of thing she is looking for in a submission.  More information is located on the contact page.