Send In Your Life Lessons

Marnii is working on her next book and will need the help of a wide group and audience.  She is hoping to have all the stories she needs by October, so that she can choose and being writing for a January 2012 deadline.  Part 2 of the Blessings in the Lessons will consist of some biblical life stories and the lives of many Americans all over the world expressing their blessings in their lessons.  She cannot help but reach out to everyone around her because she knows that everybody has a story.  You will be able to submit your story, in short form, to her through our contact page.  But, don't forget to purchase the book, "No Accident" Blessings in the Lessons, so that you can get an idea of what she is looking for in your submission.  Your page will consist of a segment of your life, one moment in time that was significant to you so that she will be able to use as many submissions as possible.  If there are too many submissions, you will have to wait on the next edition.  She will read all submissions and choose from among them and categorize them. Just because a particular story was submitted, does not guarantee that it will be published in her book.  She will evaluate each submission for relevance and content.  It should be in the spiritual realm.  It may have been the event in your life that led you to God.  It not only led you to God, but taught you something that you will never forget.  This is the kind of thing she is looking for in a submission.  More information is located below in the guidelines.  Submissions may be entered below the guidelines.  More guidelines may be added as more information becomes available to me.  Please continue to check this site for additional information.  Also, all submissions are sent directly to my inbox. 

1.  Each submission must coincide with an email address so that I may contact you if I choose your submission.
2.  There are no free copies given out of the book due to costs associated with publishing and distribution.
3.  There is no monetary compensation, but there is satisfaction in knowing that something in your life is in a book that you can purchase and keep for a lifetime and pass down to the younger generation and to family members.
4.  Remember that many people will be reading and commenting on all segments of the book.  It may be your story that gets a comment.  Don't take anything too personal.  There will be good and bad comments on anything written regardless of the story, or who wrote it.  That is just the way the world goes round.
5.  Do not write your whole life story.  This should consist of a page or less, and no more than 2 pages.
6.  Please indicate on your submission comment that you give explicit permission for Marnii Jones Peel to use your story in her book.
If you do not indicate this, I cannot even consider the submission for publishing in the upcoming book. 
Thank you so much for your particiaption.  There may be a contest after the book is published.  I will begin to take votes on the best life lessons.  It will be determined at that time, what prizes will be associated with this contest.  Thank you again for your help.

    Submit Your Life Lesson and Blessing