Marnii Jones Peel, Author and Speaker

Marnii was born in New Jersey and grew up in Opelika, Alabama.  She has 4 children, Clariecia, Nicole, Jerry, and Malcolm.  She has a Master's Degree in Education and has taught for over 15 years.  She yearned to be a writer most of her life until she finally realized her dream.  This is her contribution and she hopes that it is a blessing to as many that read it.  She has an inspiring philosophy that is backed up by scriptures:  All things are possible with God.  You can overcome anything and realize your dreams with God as your lead.  You are what you think, so be the best that you can be working within the Gift or gifts that God gave you.  They come natural and you know them.  Relax and feel what you can do.

"God has been blessing me over and over again.  I just want to share those blessings and encourage all that it truly isn't over just because of the past, bad things happening, mistakes made, or any other negative thing trying to stand in the way of your positive thinking and great future."

It really is only a test. You can pass it!  Obey the voice of God..that inner voice..and it will not lead you wrong..if it lines up with the scriptures.  If you are faithful over the small steps, God will guide you to the leaps and bounds that will take you far!