Articles Written By Marnii Jones Peel

The following articles were written on hubpages by Marnii Peel under the psudo-name, workn2it.  She prides herself on informing and encouraging families to develop togetherness, thoughtfulness, and to ensure self-esteem is developed from youth.  She also likes to give some helpful ideas when it comes to almost anything having to do with family life and goals.  Here are some of her articles she has done so far.

*Family Activities That Develop Togetherness

*Families Should Try Including Educational Products or Educational Toys In their Gift Giving To Children

*Make Your Dreams Come True by Making a Scrapbook of Your Visions or Goals

*Suggestions to Increase Your Family Savings and Earn

*Families Buying Smart Appliances For Home and College Students and Single Living

*Family Members Having Gift Idea and Buying Dilemmas