Comments and Reviews from Readers of: "No Accident" Blessings in the Lessons

Yvonne J., Opelika, AL
Sat, June 11, 2011 3:24:12 
 Thank you  Marnii,This rose is for you thanking you for the gift of your
well  inspiring,encouraging,book full of wisdom,your testimony,and all of that I
just  haven't written here. Thank you for sharing your life with me and others
for I  understand totally.  There is" No Accident and there is Blessing in the
  Lessons"..Thank you from the bottom of my heart for favor,God has blessed me
all  week with favor starting with you and I'm grateful.  I thank God first for it
all  giving him the glory and for Him placing you in my life.  I believe you are
in my  life for a reason and I receive it right now in the name of Jesus.  You are
a  strong wonderful God fearing woman,that has passed many tests and I pray your
  continued grace in the Lord to take you even higher.  Your story will and is
going  to help many no matter how many questions are being asked.  May God continue
to  direct,lead,guide, and protect you always.  I can't help but to love you.

From: Roenia J., Opelik, AL
Thank you for sharing so much about your life.  I really needed to read that at the moment I read it.  It really blessed me.  

R. S., VA
It was a true inspiration to me.  I read the whole book in it's entirety to get the full understanding and it was a real blessing to me.

M. W., AL
It was actually encouraging.  It was a bummer at first.  Then, I realized, WOW!  It really got me to thinking.

TDW, Missouri
I really feel that God took you through so much so that you could be a inspiration to the Women's Ministry.  This book was really good.

SSW, Missouri
I cannot tell how much this book helped me.  I am suffering in a bad relationship/marriage, and I have to tell you that this was so helpful to me.  I think that this may save my marriage.

J. Smitz, Florida
Please keep on making posts on facebook.  They are a real inspirationt to me.  I cannot tell you enough how much, "NO ACCIDENT" Blessings in the Lessons helped me.  I thought I had problems!

Vernice Hamilton, NC
The book was real good.  I couldn't put it down!  I had to see what the end was gonna be.  I want to recommend it to the young adults in my community.  This book will teach these youngster adults in my area something good and better.  It could change things around for the better.  

D. Brooks, WI
All I can say is, wow!  Thank you Lord.  This was good.

Pullen, Missouri
This book encouraged and inspired me to begin my own book.  I have been wanting to do it and I may just go ahead with it.

T. Chapman, Bowlings
So I can see my blessings in the lessons.  Things seem brighter today.  I will keep reading your posts. I am much inspired.

Shaunda B.
I think this was really well written, but it was too much drama for me.  I don't believe anyone could go through so much and be happy and not depressed.  Naw.

Clia G., MO
I think this is a book that you just can't read bits and pieces of.  You have to read the whole thing.  It is really a good book.  I understand things a whole lot better after reading this book.  I believe if anyone reads the whole thing, they will have a great understanding.  Life isn't always just full of good times, but it does teach a lot of lessons that can make you get down or up.  It is your choice.

I wouldn't told that story.

Some comments were highly favorable and let me know how much of a blessing this book was to them, while others just didn't get it or weren't in tune with it.  It is for, who it is for.  It will bless those it is meant to bless.  God bless everyone.  Thanks for your comments and thoughts you shared concerning "No Accident" Blessings in the Lessons.  I look forward to hearing more.