Book:  "No Accident"  Blessings in the Lessons

I don't know if there is any other book that is so honest and open about thoughts, and the realities of mistakes and faulty judgments in life.  Who is without error?  Without mistakes?  Without sin?  Hit me with your best shot!  This book personifies the art of learning from our lessons in life.  We should see the blessings in our lessons.  We all go through situations in life, but with God as our guide, our future is bright.  It oulines, mistakes, traumas, joys, relationships, death, family ties, forgiveness, VA hospital woes, and letting God take the lead and what happens when you don't.
****Inside these pages you will find:
*Secrets of hearing God   *Recognizing the Call   *Making a Real Change  * Letting God take the lead *And much more
After reading this book, you will come to your own life's revelations.
"No Accident"  Blessings in the Lessons
A Book that will change the way you  think about your past situations in life.  Click the buy now button below the picture of the book to order this book.

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