Author, Marnii Jones Peel 

Author, Marnii Jones Peel
Marnii Jones Peel
Marnii Peel is an author and speaker.  She wrote,  "No Accident"  Blessings in the Lessons, to encourage, help develop awareness of God's presence, call, and the power of forgiveness.  It was also written with the hope that after reading it, many would realize that we all make mistakes in life, but we can learn from them.  Our mistakes, and other's mistakes can be a lesson and a blessing.  Situations happen to us all and may sway us in the wrong direction, but there is a way back.  If you read her book from cover to cover, you will discover some secrets that will change the way you think about your whole life and spirituality.  

Life Changing Moments

Have you ever thought back over your life and realized something significant?  Maybe you discovered that your parents were right afterall.  Maybe you discovered that it was a good thing you didn't marry that man or woman.  You may have found that the one you did marry and maybe even divorced was a significant piece of the puzzle in your life. You may have had trauma in your life, heartbreak, or death. There was something that changed your life and the way you thought about things.  It may have even brought you to ....GOD.
"No Accident" Blessings in the Lessons"
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